LightBurn Mac Upgrade

I’m currently using version 0.9.09, but I’m still prompted now and again to download and update to 0.9.09. Anyone else have this issue?


That depends. We provided a few updates to the 9.09 release, so those we are aware of. The message will be different. The update would be identified as “An update to your version of 9.09 has an update.” (not the exact quote :wink: ), where the message for a new version number release will be identified with “There is a new version of LightBurn is available.” (again, not the exact quote :wink: )

To have the best possible experience using LightBurn, you should update when prompted as we continue to release fixes and resolutions to issues we find, along with new features in these releases.

That said, we are not aware of any “false positives” for updates. If this continues after you do the update, please let us know and include as many details as possible so we can try to reproduce.

Just happened to me again… attaching screenshots.

Yes, this message is identifying you have “An update for your version (9.09) is available…”) You should download and install that update.

I already have 9.09 installed… that’s the mystery…

I am trying to tell you that it is NOT a mystery. Did you do the update we are asking you to do?

Please notice the build date difference between your image and the most recent public release shown below.

This is why we are telling you that there is “An update for your version…”. Because there is. Do the update and this reminder will go away, at least until the next time we make a public release or update an existing one.


We’ve been so thoroughly flogged about this on numerous other threads that I’m not likely to do it again, but I honestly assumed that our customers could read and understand written text. :wink:

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I apologize for the error, indeed I did misread the prompt. I apologize for the confusion.:upside_down_face:

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