Lightburn Machine Settings

When I open Machine Settings I get a blank page. It says controller read successfully but no information appears.
I have searched all over but have found no solution for this.
If anybody has the answer it would be appreciated

  1. What machine is this for?
  2. And can you confirm that you have the machine on and connected when you attempt this?
  3. What happens if you issue $$ command in Console?

It is a K40 laser with a FluidNC controller board.
I connect with wi fi or usb.
The machine is on when I try Machine Settings
$$ command returns $10=0

I’m not certain but it’s possible that FluidNC doesn’t report machine settings in a way that’s compatible with LightBurn.

From FluidNC documentation:

$GrblSettings/List or $$

  • This is an old Grbl command that shows the $$ settings. We only support $10 in the Grbl numeric style.

I had thought that they back-supported “$$” settings but that appears to have either changed or just not true.

This is likely the reason why Machine Settings doesn’t work. If this is important to you then you may want to consider an alternative firmware.

You can see your settings by issuing one of these:

$Settings/List or $S

Thanks. I am still trying to sort out homing fail. Grrrrrrr.

I see that you posed another question in a separate topic.

In general I’ll suggest that instead of asking a peripheral question to the problem that you may be have more success presenting the actual problem scenario and then describing the problem you’re experiencing. Then explaining what you’ve tried and what the results were.

As-is in this case you’ve gotten an answer to an assumption about behavior that doesn’t actually get you closer to the goal. The other topic looks closer to what you’re solving for.

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