Lightburn measurements are not the same as in real word

Lightburn measurements are not the same as in realworld. Everything is bigger as the ruler or.
Make a cirkel or square 1cm x 1cm its in real world about 20% bigger.

Any solution? or is there something wrong with my laser? Neje mainbord. But 255X468

are you sure your axis are calibrated? it seems to me that you have a problem with that.
In my LB i make a 100mm diameter circle and when i cut it or engrave it is exactly what i have done.

Just applied the Neje homing Fix to the letter. And this is what i get. Even tryed to go out of the workspace making al lot! of noise

Ok but you tryed the axis calibration? Is simple, take a ruler put the 0 near laserhead and move in X or Y the laserhead by 50mm with LB, then look at the ruler to check if the distance is real. If not you have to calibrate.

Same file two diffrent cuts. Small one is the correct measurments

and how you obtained that? underscaling?
Btw you still haven’t do the ruler test… or yes?

Whats a ruler test? What i did

And if you mean the ruler in Lightburn, yes the ruler tels me for both cust excatly the same measuements. Like 86 mm as in a Credit card. The big one is, as you van see more that10 cm.

This is the ruler test

Thats what i show you with the two cust / cards.

Ok how do i calibrate?

Open machine settings and in the bottom you can see a button called calibrate axis, click there and if there is something you don’t understand, tell me

I reinstalled the GRBL frimware and it looks for now that everything is as it was before the neje home fix. It was not only the measurement. the thing wants to go outside the workbed enz.

You need to calibrate your axis for X and Y. You can google the procedure!

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