Lightburn mirrored

hi need some help just set up new chiness 10w with rudia contoller rd works seems to be ok but lightburn is mirrored /fliped any help welcome as i have to mirror every every job

This is a very common issue and has to do with how you have the machine origin setup in LightBurn. Most likely you’ve chosen the wrong origin location. Where are your limit switches? Ruida systems are typically set up with the origin set to the back right. If the cut is mirrored bottom to top, then move the device origin from front to back or vice versa. Mirrored Left to Right, then move the origin from left side to right or vise versa.


Hello, I am having the exact same issue. I tried your solution, however absolutely nothing is working. I have tried every single job orientation setting, and it has made no difference. My laser still runs the job mirrored.I am using a Ruida 644XG Controler. Any Ideas?

It’s not the job origin that you’d change, it’s the machine origin in the device settings.

would like to thank use for the help every thing is working not mirrored or fliped yeeeees

Thanks, I found the setting I needed.

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