Lightburn most efficient cutting firection

So I have a file of numbers that I would like to cut out in a timely manner. As a human it makes sense to cut from left to right to save time, But when I perform the job its going in all different directions. Not sure why, I am wondering if it has to do of the time of the creation of each number and the cnc is following that pattern?


I’ve found that the various Optimization Settings interact in peculiar ways, rarely proceeding in what seems the obviously best way.

In practice, however, the non-cutting travel speed is so much faster than the cutting speed that the laser spends most of its time cutting and very little time traveling, so I mostly give up and let the algorithm have its way.

Along those lines, try handing your collection of digits to the Arrange → Nest Selected tool and let it rearrange them in peculiar ways. Might save some material, even if the result won’t affect the overall job time by very much at all.

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Unless I have a specific need to cut in a certain order I let the software just go at it. The machine will find its shortest path using some optimization settings, even though it looks like it is just going random…

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