Lightburn moves laser but does not burn

Greetings I have installed lightburn on the desktop in the shed as well as on my laptop.
All settings are exactly the same but when I burn a project from the PC the laser moves but does not burn the wood.
Plugging the laser (USB) into the laptop and repeat the same project it works fine.
All device settings and burn settings are the same. Only difference is trhe PC currently runs as trial, the laptop as registered software.

just to be sure you have the same configuration, I would export your Device settings on the working machine and then import that file on the desktop.

Since you didn’t mention the OS, if it’s Linux you will need to be sure user group settings for dialout group are set on both machines and to see your laser is recognized when you plug it in type “dmesg” in a console window and you should see something like /dev/ttyUSBx or /dev/ttyACMx where x is a number.

I don’t know or do Windows but know you usually have to install drivers and Windows on different machines tend to act differently so you’ll need to figure out if the laser is being recognized the same on each computer.

Mac might be similar to Linux but not sure.

And try different USB ports, your OS might not like a USB 2 device on a USB 3 port.

yeah i did export the device settings. both are windows10.
problem is the pc does communicate with the emblaser, moves to the correct location
moves as if the design is burned but no burning happens. looks like the laser is not firing, the light is on but nothing happens

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Hello I’m Charles and I’m new to LightBurn, what going on my laser(Othur Laser Master 2) is moving through LightBurn but won’t burn my design, I keep getting Alarm 2 message I don’t know what to do I have this Laser about couple of weeks so far, I don’t know what to do can someone help me please!!!

@Cknightjr1 please start your own probem entry instead of mixing problem with this current topic?
A good topic heading might be “Ortur LM2, getting Alarm 2 message”.

I’m sorry for that post

Sounds like a configuration variation then. What machine do you have and have you checked to make sure your settings were the same: Edit->Settings and Edit-Device Settings

Laser is Emblaser 2. Does connect to PC , I can see it in the device manager for USB. Lightburn cannot find it and also the Emblaser 2 is not in the list for manually create.

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