Lightburn must not upgrade

I don’t want Lightburn to upgrade yet, is there a setting for that?

i found it ,thanks

Lightburn always asks you if you want to upgrade, just decline to keep running the version that you are happy with.

Saying that, if you do upgrade to get access to the latest features and bug fixes, but you don’t like it for whatever reason you can always easily revert back to any previous release that you want.

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On my system, when I say YES, it does not upgrade Lightburn. I installs the new file in the Downloads folder. I then have to run that file to do the actual upgrade. Until I deliberately run the executable, the upgrade does not happen.


This is precisely the intended mechanism here.

LightBurn asks if you want to upgrade.
You can click no, LightBurn won’t ask again.

If you click yes, you must download the file, then open the installer and install the new version. There is no auto update.

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