Lightburn needs to

Lightburn needs to recall the latest update, you have no idea when its going to fail and ruin work. severance pay for the person produced the update!!

It would be nice if you could respond to your last post to understand what you’re facing.

What kind of failure is this? It’s unlikely unrelated to the update if it’s something happening during a job run.

You can always revert back to an older version by downloading from here:
Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment (

update has proven untrustyworthy

Is it a question or a statement or what do you want?

I have been going non stop for 6 hours today with etch and cut projects and not had a single problem.
Maybe you could give a better explanation of what you are experiencing.

We keep finding thing not to trust. Truth be told if Lightburn was not broke and update should have never been released that could screw up the software right before Christmas with the last big push to get presents lasered. not good.

Again, I will ask the same thing.

You keep saying this, and providing absolutely nothing in the way of concrete specifics or examples.

Can you tell us what is broken? Are you certain it’s LightBurn?

You can always install the older version << from that link and if it’s still doing the same thing, then the issues aren’t from the update.

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