LightBurn no communication with controller

I don.t believe a LightBurn software issue but would like another opinion …Just happened this morning…trying to connect to Eleksmaker Mana Se…rebooted …changed usb cable…methinks the Nano has had the big onion…

Don’t cut onions with your Eleks.

Sorry @James, maybe it is just me today…but is this a question?

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FuuING spell check …laser Burn is not communicating with controller

Big onion old school term for its %%^^&&

:point_up_2:yes it would appear that there is no communication with Nano board…My belief this is a good indication that it is non-functional and requires replacement

It’s possible. If you don’t see anything in the console, and haven’t changed anything since it worked last, it’s reasonably likely. If you have a generic serial terminal program you could try connecting with that to see if the board says anything when connected.

I,ve tried T2Laser and LaserGRBL…no communication…thanks for your help Oz