Lightburn no enciende el láser ( LightBurn won't turn on the laser )

Tengo un atomstack x20 pro al estar en software mow enciende el láser no cuando le pido hacer una prueba de laser mi cuando le pido que me haga el marco. No he querido iniciar el trabajo por qué no se si lo hará o no. Alguien que tenga está misma atomstack que me pueda ayudar. De antemano gracias.

I have an atomstack x20 pro when it is in mow software it turns on the laser not when I ask it to do a laser test my when I ask it to do the frame for me. I have not wanted to start the work because I don’t know if it will or not. Someone who has the same atomstack that can help me. First of all, Thanks.

I recommend the use of inexpensive ‘Cereal box’ cardboard for first tests. You are more than likely several tests away from producing marketable work.

There are three Machine Settings for the Laser and one Device Setting for Lightburn that has to align with them.

$30, $31, $32 and S-value max.

If the laser is on while framing, it is only allowed to produce 20% of power maximum. For a diode 1% power is often more than enough power for laser-lit framing and won’t damage work. When the Fire button is activated (with a setting in the Device Settings window), the percent power setting is next to the Fire button in the Move window(bottom right).

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