Lightburn not burning correctly

A friend wanted a piece with their names and marriage date on it.
I typed both their names plus the date but the problem is that it burned both names wihout the letter a?!?
the burned result met the design except for it to leave out the letter a in both names.

here are the pictures of the design and the outcome.
im pretty new to this and this looks like rocket science to me.
i hope somebody can help me.

kind regards Robin

That’s one of the strangest things I’ve seen here.

Can you share the .lbrn file that you used for the burn?

Some additional questions:

  1. Is the Microsoft Uighur the font that is being used?
  2. Can you confirm your language setting? Looks like Dutch?
  3. Is this the first just you’ve run? Does the laser work for other jobs?
  4. What shows in Preview?

Dear berainlb,
Thank you for your reply.
i did indeed use the letter type Microsoft Uighur. my language indeed is dutch.
i have done jobs before that succeded excelent and also encountered problems with text typed in lightburn before. some letters back then messed up i could fix it by changig the letter type but i think this is not supposed to happen.
What do you mean with preview?
Thanks already

Preview is the tool that shows you what to expect for the burn.

Accessed from highlighted icon:

If you can share the .lbrn file I will see if I can reproduce the issue here.

Dear berainlb

indeed there it shows the text exaclty how it is burned.
it shows the preview without the letters a.
do you have an idea what can be the cause?
lian en orjan.lbrn2 (54.7 KB)

I noticed one problem. The text may have been set to “Date/Time” rather than “Normal”. Can you change the text type and try again?

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Thank you very much it did fix the problem im still new so its a learning way.
Thanks again.

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