LightBurn not connecting to JPT Laser

I bought a 60w JPT M7 MOPA Fiber Laser with EZCad2. I purchased LB with Galvo and installed both onto my Laptop running windows 10. I initially was having difficulty getting EZCad2 to work properly as I was getting could not open lmc error. At that time LB was able to detect my laser but I was unable to burn anything. Once I was able to fix the driver issue on my laptop I was able to get EZCad2 to open correctly without any errors. Now when I open LB under Laser tab it says disconnected and on the bottom of the screen I see waiting for connection… LB no longer detects my laser (my laser is turned on and EZCad is not open). I have manually connected it and I import the config file from my EZCad folder, and LB still does not detect my laser.

I have ran out of possible solutions, can you advise what else I should try???

We had similar issues with our Laser not showing up on the scan by LB. Following the driver swap instructions worked for us.

The connectivity issues you described with EzCad2 are a bit of a worry though.

LightBurn and EZCad use different drivers. If you have the EZCad driver installed, LightBurn will not work and vice versa. You can easily swap the drivers back and forth if need be though. There is a video here that explains the swap process:

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