Lightburn not defaulting to USB connection on Mac - attempts to use bluetooth

Hello. I have been using Lightburn with my JTech laser on a my Shapeoko 3 CNC machine for about 10 months. It used to connect without difficulty to the USB lead but lately has been putting a bluetooth connection in the box. Lightburn appears to be unable to find the previously used USB connection and I wonder how to make it the default connection again. Is this something that needs me to redo the installation again and specify the connections? I have the latest update and my license has just expired. I will renew this as soon as I have some money at the end of this month. The COVID thing has meant my job has also expired so I have no income to renew the license today.

I’ve been having a similar issue on my Mac - LB always defaults to Bluetooth when launched, and I have to change it to USB every time. Your post got me thinking though…maybe its because I usually have bluetooth “on” on my Mac (so I can use my bluetooth keypad). What if I disable Bluetooth on my Mac before launching Lightburn? This works and LB then defaults to USB.

I’ve also noticed that the USB option does not appear if I launch LB before turning on my machine, so I always turn the machine on first.

Turning off Bluetooth is not desirable though, because as I said I use a bluetooth keypad to jog the machine. What I’d like is a way to make LB default to USB even though bluetooth is on.

Also, I thought a LB license is perpetual. Why did yours expire?

That’s all explained here:


Thanks that actually answered a few questions I posed while emailing support for access to the portal.

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