LightBurn not detect the device

Hello, my problem is that i wotked for a short time with lightBurn 1.3.01, after a short time the program stopped working - it does not recognize the device. I tried manually entering the device and the laser started working., but the next day it didn’t again. Can i buy another version of LightBurn and pay the license again, i want my laser to wok. Help me!

Hi, try turning on laser before turning on lightburn

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I came across something really strange yesterday a friend was having a similar problem, turns out every time the computer was restarted it reallocated the usb ports differently, still looking for a solution but with laser turned on first then computer started and in LB on the laser tab select the com port there and you should be good to go.

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Thank you!

That helped! The laser works!

Hola buen dia , estoy tratando de usar la version de prueba y lightburn no encuentra mi equipo laser fibra, ya hice toto lo comentado en tutoriales y nada, como referencia uso laptop con adaptador tipo C windows 10 y actualmente trabajo con ezcad2 lite
gracias ¡

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