Lightburn not loading/reading all vectors from an SVG

I have a file that when I open it in Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer or send it to Trotec JobControl, all vectors appear and it looks normal, but when I open it in Lightburn, some of the vectors are missing. Specifically, the circular cutouts inside the rectangles do not appear, but the rectangles and the black circles near the edge of the page do show up.

When I save a copy of the file with Illustrator or Designer, and open the copy in Lightburn, it works just fine, so I can only assume it’s an issue with the formatting of the SVG code.
A sample of an SVG that is having this problem (the stroke-width is .001px so you won’t be able to view it in the preview):
I can provide more info about the files as needed.

The SVG is generated with a custom script so if it is a formatting issue it can be changed, I just don’t know where I would need to change it to get Lightburn to read it correctly.

This svg file contains multiple svg content tags, and LightBurn only reads the first one. I’ve never figured out how to make a file like this, though I’ve seen a couple in the wild. I’ll see if I can add code to support it.

Does this look right?


Inkscape can show your xml tree. I searched content tag out of curiosity and was sent to this site that says your link has 3 errors

I’m impressed by the fast reply, especially for this obscure of an issue, thanks!

The circles should be arranged inside the rectangles in groups, more like this:

I loaded your file in InkScape and it looks identical to LightBurn (after setting a stroke width). What are you using to view the svg?

Those ID tag errors are my fault, I changed them with a text editor from what they were to make the file more anonymous. I didn’t realize they needed to be different before uploading.

I’m working with Affinity Designer to view the SVGs, but the original SVGs are generated with a script.

Affinity might explain it - The view box for the main file is sized in “pixels”, instead of real units, like mm, cm, inches, etc. The rest of the file is in inches. I think affinity uses 72dpi instead the InkScape / SVG standard of 96dpi, so the main rectangles end up smaller than they should be. If you size the main file with real units, or size the rest of the file without them, it should all match.

We fixed the unit mismatch on our end, but we’re still using the nested svg tags. I’m not expecting it right away, but does it look like LightBurn will begin supporting the nested tags in the next update?

Yes, it’s in already, and I’ve tested it with other files and it doesn’t seem to have caused any issues.

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Just over 4 hours? I know the holiday season is a busy time, but you OK Oz? :wink:

Awesome, thanks for the very fast help!

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