Lightburn not picking up correct port

Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6. JTech 4.2w laser on an X Carve with an X Controller. All purchased 04/2020. So, after installing Lightburn and manually setting ups the laser, as instructed by JTech Photonics, Lightburn isnt reading the proper port type. Instead of “COM4” or whatever, its coming up as “cu.usbserial -1430”. I have no idea what this means. From what I’ve gathered, its something to do with the USB-C ports but I’m not 100%. Any advice would help. Thanks.

COM## what PC’s call their serial ports. Cu.usbserial is what Macs call them. This is normal.

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OK, so here’s the follow up question. Its not reading the laser. It still says “waiting for response”. Ive restarted the laser controller, as well as my Mac, and closed out any other app.

Have you chosen the serial port?

Still reads “waiting for response”

Have you used any other software with this setup before? (as in, does this otherwise work, or is this the first time you’ve attempted to connect to it with anything?)

First time. Laser just came in on the 6th of May. Just hooked it up yesterday.

There’s a strong chance that you’re having the FTDI driver conflict issue that’s common with Arduino style devices on MacOS.

This thread walks through a fix for it:

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