Lightburn not recognising my Tool D1

I have an XTool D1 that I had tried with the trial version of Lightburn and it had worked out beautifully. I finally bought the license for it but now it will not connect to my laser. Everything is working fine, the program is updated, and it still will not find my laser. I used Laserbox to see if that would connect and it did. I’m confused as to why specifically Lightburn isn’t recognising my laser despite being plugged in via USB.

Can you confirm that the port is being selected in Laser window?

Im having the exact same problem. running a MAC with Catalina and a D1 10W.
all worked fine until I bought the license,
I confirmed the port in the laser window.

“UPDATE”’ I opened the XTOOL software and connected the laser there. then closed Xtool and opened Lightburn, the laser was connected and ready! I was working in no time. Talk about weird!!! Hey, It worked!! Jeff

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