Lightburn not Recognizing Laser Please Help

Hello Everyone,
I want to start off by saying I am very new to laser engraving so I am in the process of learning. Im very interested in using Lightburn as the software but when I connected the laser to the laptop, Lightburn did not recognize the laser. I have tried to find specs to know what board it uses but I can not find it. I have this engraver.
Any help in getting Lightburn to recognize it would be great as the software that came with it is very limited.

@Habs33 - That machines looks like it uses something completely custom (given that it has a color LCD and USB flash drive support). It is highly unlikely that it will be supported by LightBurn and without knowing the specific controller and protocol it uses there’s no way to say for sure.

Do you have a link to the software that it uses?
Also, you can check in your operating system’s device manager (at least on Windows) to see if there’s a new device showing up when you connect the machine via USB to your computer. If a Serial port shows up, try creating a GRBL profile in LightBurn manually and then connect to that serial port. Unlikely it will work but maybe.

Thanks so much for the reply. The software came on a memory stick :slight_smile: When I get home I will try what you say. I can also email them and ask the tech info and see if they will tell me.

Yeah, if they’ll tell you what protocol it uses that would be helpful. I’m still guessing no, it won’t work - but I’m happy to be surprised :slight_smile:
The only likely candidates would be that their controller is based on either grbl, smoothieware, or marlin - all of which we generally support (Marlin can be problematic). Any other controller types we support are expensive “DSP” controllers for industrial lasers.

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