Lightburn "Not Responding" Crashing

Purchased a used machine, Boss Laser Gen 3 HP3655 CO2 Laser. The software keep crashing, doing the simplest shapes. It will engrave 1 or more times but after a few engravings, moving the object on the work space and engraving again. The software shows not responding. When you re-open LB it says device not found? I have checked my USB wire and connections. Tried 2 different USB wires with no change. I have to disconnect the USB to the Laptop and reconnect for it to work again once you open lightburn after the crash.

Running version 1.2.01. Windows computer, which has no problem running my other Red and Black Chinese laser.

I had the same issue. It was OS related about how the usb was handled.

For dsp, dump the usb and go with Ethernet. There is also the Lightburn Pi Bridge which has some special code to help with commumications.

Sometimes you can ‘right-click’ the device button and it will reconnect. I dumped it within a week of the machines arrival and have stayed with Ethernet…

Good luck


Not sure if it can be OS, the same laptop will run my other machine with lightburn no issue?

Lightburn should not crash.

You should pack up all the associated files and send it to support for their examination.

What Windows are you running?