Lightburn not starting

Hi there,
I am on Lightburn (Windows 64bit) and it suddenly doesn’t seem to start up anymore when I click on the icon in the task pane. The lightburn-welcome picture does show up, but afterwards no window is visible although the icon in the task pane is now underlined.
When I click on the icon it seems to briefly bring up the window but it vanishes immediately. I did restart the computer without effect on the problem.
I know is out, but I am hesitating to install it, since I don’t know wether I have to go through the whole setup and license procedure again…
Any help appreciated!

Try Shift+Click to start. This should restore the main window. Holding Shift when you launch the app (or the preview) will bypass restoring the position of the window.

Thank you Rick - that worked! I think the window of lightburn was somehow minimised in a strange way that I haven’t seen in any other program before.
I can’t reproduce it right now but it might be from having the computer connected to 2 monitors the last time I used it.
Keep you posted…

That’ll be it - it remembers the last window position you used, and if you changed monitor configs, it was likely showing off-screen. The latest release actually detects this now and won’t try to restore the window position if it isn’t valid.

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