Lightburn not talking to the laser printer

I am trying to print some quotes onto 3mm ply, and I keep getting the following message: “There was a problem sending data to the laser”. “The machine maybe busy or paused”. The machine is on, the software looks good. When I hit the frame button, nothing happens. Nothing happens when I click onto the move buttons let alone start ?
Can you help ?

The laser may be connected to the USB port but the messages you’re getting indicate that LightBurn isn’t looking at that USB port.

Open the Console window in LightBurn and look for a message that ends with ‘ok’.

If you don’t have the ‘welcome’ or start-up message followed by ‘ok’ then open the Laser Window and click the middle button along the bottom row.

If you are presented with two or three options when you click the button, select a different option.

Wait 3-5 seconds and watch the Console window for the message followed by the word ‘ok’.

If you run out of options in the Laser window, close any other software that may be communicating with the laser engraver. Unplugging the power and usb cable from the laser engraver for 10 seconds and plugging it back in will allow the laser to break-off any other communications and get a clean start.

Check the Console window and the Laser Window for connection status.

If you still don’t get the message in the Console window, there may be a driver that would need to be installed.

Hey John

Appreciate your quick response.

It is getting late over here in Brisbane, Australia, so I will give it a go first thing tomorrow morning.

Watch this space.


Bob B

John, it worked. I should have noticed that the comms port was reading COM6 not COM4.
FYI, I am a novice on this machine as well as the software. Give me 12 months and I should be an expert.
BTW, my trial period with LightBurn ends soon. Just as a matter of interest, how much does the licence cost ?
Await your feedback.

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I’m fairly certain you’d want the GCode license for the Yorahome laser.

If you were to open the Console window, then select and copy the initial message from when LightBurn connects to your Laser Engraver and paste that into a reply here I’m certain we could fully define the license requirement.

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