Lightburn not welding or Bolean

Trying to add a name to a design. Go to weld or boloean name to design and the name disappears. Any ideas?

Can you upload a screenshot of your pre-weld/boolean setup with a description as to how you are running the operation?

The issue is almost certainly going to be related to what’s been selected or a deficiency in the setup.

After Weld

2 options:
Option 1:

  1. Select yellow shape
  2. Add name to selection
  3. Tools->Boolean difference

Option 2:

  1. select yellow shape
  2. add green shape to selection
  3. group 2 shapes
  4. select grouped shape
  5. add name to selection
  6. Tools->Boolean Union


If that doesn’t work can you upload the .lbrn file here for review?

I fiqured it out. The paw and snowflakes had to be grouped together. Then, as you know Boolean combines TWO objects. So the name is one object and the rest is the second object. Thanks

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