Lightburn not working with my laser

Hi there I have got the lightburn was working on my laser.
Laser I got is 3018 .5w
And my other on is vevor 3040 15w

I had to fomat my laptop which was running window 10 now it window 11 i have put all driver back on but now each time I use light burn on any the laser I got. It only stay on one line going going left to right and staying on same line does not move back or forward. If I use the fram key they works. If I manuel use the arrow keys to move laser. Bur when I have a project going does not wont to work. I have tried laser gbrl program they all work fine on that .so I not it not the laser and drivers

If can help me even send a vedio try to do as I only new to this

It looks like you have Lightburn set to ‘home’ generating the error.

“Edit → Device Settings”

Or it could be setup in your controller. My guess it’s the device settings since you machines configuration doesn’t have that option enabled… like it is on my machine.

“Edit → Machine Settings”

The whole ‘group’ is for homing setup. I would think all of the homing switches would be ‘false’

If you haven’t, then you should follow the setup for grbl devices.

Also read over the Coordinate and Job Origin documentation.

Good luck


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