Lightburn official camera 8MP Camera (4K-N)

I have installed this camera on my Omtech 70 watt machine, the camera works but the scaling is

The Machine Cut size is 29.5 X 15.5.

I tried scaling the alignment calibration to 180 percent on a piece of cardboard and have the same issue.
The attached picture is a piece of paper 8.5 X 11 calibration scaled to 100%
When I measure the capture (Piece of paper) it is 10.97 on the X and 12.7 on the Y.

At this point I have exhausted everything I can think of.
Pease Help.


Forgot to mention the camera is the 75 degree model.


By chance do you have any Width and/or Height scaling set on the Camera Control window? If so, try disabling and testing again.

Awsome thanks, I should have read that part. Scaling perfectly.
I thought that was the size of the table.
Another problem that I’m having is if the camera gets to close to the lid frame it is freezing.
I thought I had that problem resolved yesterday after I bought a powered USB extension cable.
but it started freezing again.
If I put my hand near it it in between the lid and the camera it starts working.
If I remove my hand it freezes.
Do you have any suggestion other than moving it. I thought maybe there is some kind of an insulator
I could put there.


I recall someone else having an issue with the image freezing under the strangest situations and only activated with motion. I don’t know if it was clearly settled but believe it was to do with noise interfering with the USB signal. If you’re running a long cable that might be contributing to the issue. You may want to see if you can improve electrical insulation around the cable to see if that improves it but not sure if that’s the cause.

USB is very sensitive to cable length. This is not noise, but latency. USB protocol requires a near-instant response even for things like cameras that only stream data out one way. Unfortunately, most “USB extenders” do not work with cameras, the bandwidth is too high.

I got success only with this USB extender, after failing with some that were recommended to use with the camera.

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