Lightburn Offset not creating clean geometry

I was working on a simple tutorial to help someone that had 3 elements they wanted to engrave and then have a contoured cut line but using offset instead created 3 separate lines because the items were too far apart.

Well I have a fix for this but just keep making the offset larger until it does join then select the offset and offset this inward until it’s the size you want (I have used this often) and it works fine. I was going to then add how you could adjust the nodes to your liking (I have not done this and made an assumption that the offset made a clean curves) but it turns out the offset is made of thousands of nodes (really only needs to be a few dozen). Not what I expected and maybe this is just a limit of what the software can do. But I figured I would ask if there is something to make this correctly with limited nodes so it could easily be modified?

Did another test but it seems the offset tool ‘only’ makes straight line segments so any curve will be made of many segments. Is there a feature to “auto” make these curve instead of hundreds or thousands of straight lines?

  1. Select offset shape
  2. Edit->Optimize selected shapes
  3. Adjust Fit Shapes to Arcs to a non-zero value; adjust as appropriate


This should result in a simplified shape.

Brilliant tip! Thank you!

When using the Offset tool, you can set the ‘Optimize / Simplify results’ On (green) to reduce this.

Yes, I figured this out and tried to delete my post but I can’t. Thanks

I’m glad you didn’t.

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Don’t delete any post. This will help the next users as well :slight_smile: There are no dumb questions :slight_smile:

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