Lightburn on 2 different computers

I run light burn on 2 computers. One is a Mac that I use to make my designs and the second is an older PC laptop that I use to run the laser.

My issue is that when I load up my design that was made on the Mac onto the PC, the design opens mirrored and upside down.

I noticed the origin point (Little green and red squares at the corner of the work area) don’t match. In my Mac they are at the top left and on the PC at the bottom right.

I assume that is my issue (get them to match) but I cannot find how to set them to be the same. I prefer they will be at the top left on both to match the home point of the laser.

How can I get them to match?

The ‘Machine Origin’ control can be found on the ‘Device Settings’ page (image). Set both to the same location.

Another thing to help with smooth workflow, check to ensure you have the same fonts on both systems as well. If you don’t, you can convert all text to paths prior to moving from one system to the other to have things look as designed.

Tried that of course. I think it moved the green and red squares but the drawing still came in mirrored on both axises.

I would double check that - if you make the origin point match what it was on the design machine, opened files should load as expected.

Upon further tests, here’s the exact issue I have.

I have matched the origin point on the pc to match the one on the man and indeed the design loads up correctly and shows correctly in the screen however, the laser cuts it as if it is mirrored upside down (as if it doesn’t change the origin on the laser itself).

You are correct - It doesn’t change the origin on the laser itself, you’re just telling LightBurn where the origin of the laser is so it can display properly.

It sounds like the design PC is the one that’s flipped. Change both to switch the origin from back to front (or vice versa - whichever is correct) and you can fix the design quickly by selecting everything in it (Ctrl-A) and then vertically mirroring it (press V).

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