Lightburn on a new Computer - Perfect

OK Up front I’m pretty good with computers, and have a 3 license setup for my Lightburn to allow some Beta Testing on the Galvo setup, but thats just a bit of background.

My sons Macbook Air finally died so I decided to give him my Macbook Pro and go upgrade to a new Asus Vivobook as I rarely use the Mac side now. One of the issues was my Lightburn license was tied to that old Macbook. It literally took me 10 minutes to log into the License Portal, delete the macbook from the list, download the latest version of Lightburn and install the license. While I have not done it in months, my 3 laser setups are on Dropbox and installing them, shapes library and the material library took mere moments.

Big thumbs up to the developers who made this so easy to install on a new PC (OK no drivers had to be installed as this PC is primarily development of designs and a backup if the network plays up, so I’ll do drivers in the next few days


Thank you for these kind comments. We appreciate this very much. :slight_smile:


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