Lightburn on Android but NOT to burn from

Ok this may be a weird one but I was wondering if there is a way (or if you are working on one) that I could get lightburn on my Android tablet/phone JUST to play around with designs? I do not need to burn from the phone but it would be nice to be able to work on design setups and such while on the go (vacation, whatever). I don’t know if this would be easier than getting it fully setup for burning from the phone or not but figured I would ask before I buy the software.
Heck, maybe the easy part is getting it to burn from the phone and not the other stuff I want LOL

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I am not talking about a cheap tablet. I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. I understand the requirements might only be suited for higher end devices but it would still be really nice to have for people who do use better equipment. Maybe I will play around with getting Wine or Linux on the tablet and see if I can do it that way…

That would be a start. The bigger issue is you’ll need to sort out a solution to convert the x64 instructions to → arm64. It’s theoretically possible to get it to run but it’s not a supported solution and I haven’t seen any successful reports of this. Please do share if you get this working.

Will do!!!

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