Lightburn on iMac running linux

I have an old 21" iMac that had some macOS issues that I solved by switching it to run linux. It seems like a great machine to run Lightburn for design and driving my Atomstack A5 M40 laser. But the laser is not seen in Lightburn setup and if I configure it manually it doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with the laser. I do see a USB serial port and lsusb shows a controller. My laptop that I typically use is running the same linux version so it somehow seems tied to the iMac hardware.

Had a g5, nice till Apple decided to switch cpu’s and I had a virtual desk ‘weight’. Switched to Debian, then to Ubuntu.

Never had any issues with the usb on Linux. If you can see the controller with lsusb, what do you get when you try to connect via Lightburn?

Does the status in the top of the laser window change?

Does it go ‘busy’?

View the console and see if there are any communications displayed. Many times the baud rate is off. If it looks like graphic characters in the ‘console’ window, it’s probably baud rate related.

Good luck


Did you add your user to dialout group?

Installation & Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

The console just shows “Waiting for connection”
The laser doesn’t have any display or lights but there is a sound when it connects (like powering the motors for a fraction of a second. And I do not hear that. So I don’t believe the laser is “connected”.
Someone else suggested that I needed to add my user to the dialout group. Which may be the issue. I have done that but can’t test it until my current burn finishes.

That was it! I forgot that step. Thank you!

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