Lightburn on Linux mint and simulation settings from controller + firmware update for neje

I recently found a video on YouTube with a solution for the problem with Time Estimation.
The guy suggest letting lightburn read the values for simulation timing directly from the controller but when I click the “Read From Controller” nothing happen! I think that Linux doesn’t allow lightburn to access the controller, but I am not sure! How can I check it?
Also, can I update the firmware for my neje 3 max from Linux or I must use a Windows pc?

The software based updater appears to be Windows only. However, this site offers an alternative web based approach. Might be worth exploring.
How to update firmware – NEJE (

When you say nothing happens, what exactly happens? The normal result is that values should be updated from the controller memory. It’s possible that the values there already reflect what’s in the controller.

Are you able to otherwise use your laser? If so, it’s likely reading correctly.

You can compare these values against what’s in the controller by checking Edit->Machine Settings or by running $$ command in Console.

I mean, the values are not updated. It is possible that the values are already the correct, but i have doubt about them! I will try to run the $$ command!
I also have a Windows laptop and i might use this to update the firmware

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