LightBurn on Multi-Display System

I’m using an Intel NUC Hades Canyon (Nuc8i7hvk with Radeon RX Vega M GH) and 4 QHD Displays.
The Moment I hit the Preview Button Lightburn freezes and I have to kill it in the task manager.

When I go down to 1 Display everything is fine. Can someone confirm that this is a general problem with the number of (High-Res?) Displays? Or has maybe someone a comparable setup worklng?

I have a pair of 2560×1440 displays on my desk, with the right one rotated to portrait mode, running Manjaro Linux on a Dell Optiplex. LightBurn works and previews fine, although I generally confine it to the left monitor in landscape mode.

The Optiplex atop the laser has a similar setup with smaller displays and works equally well.

Sounds like you have one of those truly annoying video driver issues.

Name like that just begs for trouble … [grin]

I can confirm two QHDs are no problem.
It themes that number four is the one too much.