LightBurn on Sonoma with Creality Falcon 7.5W

I have downloaded LightBurn and wanted to connect to my Creality Falcon laser using my MacBook Pro running on the latest Sonoma version.
Unfortunately the software does not detect the laser connected via the USB-C ports. Could anyone please hint me a solution?

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There have been reports of Macs not detecting USB-C devices when connected directly. Often, introducing a USB can remedy this situation.

A USB hub - yes. They usually include a chip that helps send the data to your laptop correctly. Try adding a hub.

Whoops. Forgot a word there. Thanks for the backup.

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Thank you so much for your reply and advise , but this unfortunate did not solve the problem. I have introduced a USB-hub and connected also with various different cables. All other devices were discovered by the MacBook, but the Falcon.
Could there be any other possibility that comes to your mind?

Can you see whether or not a USB devices is being detected under System Report when you plug/unplug the device?

Do you have another computer that you can use to confirm whether or not the laser is getting detected at all?

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