Lightburn overriding engraving profiles

I am extremely frusterated with Lightburn for Galvo at this point. Yesterday I engraved some wood knives and had a perfect setting after ruining a few in the process. Today I engrave something else, then I switch back to the knives again and it cancels my perfect profile I had for engraving the knives and instead replaced with a garbage one I had used in a different file before that. Is this something that still needs to be fixed or are we just going to have to deal with it. If I save a profile on a seperate page then I expect the profile to be the same again when opening it the next time. Not replaced with a different one, If this is not the case then there’s absolutely no point in the save button. Please tell me if I’m missing something. I don’t want to have to figure out my profiles everytime i switch to a different file.

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