Lightburn power and speed not following (Mac Big Sur - Ruida)

Hello, i am using a Ruida machine and lightburn software with a mac OS Big Sur. Since last week the machine started to detemine the speed and the power. Lightburn settings are not send to the machine.
part 1:
Settings lightburn: speed 400 - power 30
Settings machine: speed 20 - power 80
(output is like the machine)
part 2:
Settings lightburn: speed 20 - power 80
Settings machine: speed 400 - power 30
(output is again like the machine)

Before it was the settings of lightburn…
Is there a setting where you can ‘overrule’ the software settings? Like with a ecosolvent machine?

Can you show a picture of the machine panel with a file loaded and running, so we can see?

And these were the settings of the machine, not the software.

Have you clicked ‘default’ in the layer settings, by chance?


Euh… yes… why?? :see_no_evil:

That would mean that it’s doing exactly what you’ve told it to (see the tool-tip there).

Can you point me in the right direction? Because I don’t understand what I did… :see_no_evil::woman_shrugging:t3:

Double-click an entry in the cuts/layers list, and make sure those two toggle switches called ‘Default’ that I highlighted above are red (off).

They told me that that was to save the settings for all times in my software. So I could make that easier to gember the settings. So that info is wrong?

That info is wrong. The tooltip is telling you exactly what it does.

“They” probably meant the button on the bottom:

I do not recommend getting advice from Facebook groups. They tend to answer first, clarify later, and about 80% of the answers I see there are wrong - this is particularly true in the ‘LightBurn Laser Creations’ group and ‘LightBurn Users helping users’.

In LightBurn, if you hover over a control with the mouse, it’ll tell you what it does, and you can often press F1 for more help. (On the Mac, you might have to press the Fn key to make it accept the F1 key instead of lowering your screen brightness).

You are my hero today and forever on! Thank you!!!

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