Lightburn Preview keeps showing images very dark

I have a 80w CO2 laser. No matter which file I use the preview and resulting engraving looks way different than the image in the lightburn project and the source file. The details on the preview and the finished engraving are blown out. I have tried many different images and materials.
I have tried different LPI and they don’t seem to make a difference. I have tried different images modes too and they make very little difference.
I have aligned my mirrors, cleaned them, performed a ramp test and of course material test cards out the wazoo.

The only answer is: you need to test. Or you might have a technical problem with the laser (for example that it doesn’t regulate power correctly). But there is no chance for LB to predict the outcome. It can only show a preview of where the laser is turned on (and at which power, depending on image mode), but which power leads to which reaction of the material is impossible for LB to estimate. I guess you are using too much power, but maybe your tube just cannot linearly change the output power at the very low end. I’m no expert in CO2 lasers, though.