Lightburn preview not working

I am using the latest version of lightburn with windows 10 PC and a Boss LS1420 laser with ruida controller.

When utilizing the chuck rotary I am unable to see a preview. I’ve used the tool bar button and ALT P. a second window pops up but is empty (shows no image).

How can I resolve this?

Do you have the ‘Layer’ set to ‘Output’?


Yes I do have the Layer set to output. I am able to send file to laser in engrave. just not preview

Please post a screen capture (no cell phone pix) of the entire LightBurn screen showing the ‘Cuts’ and ‘Laser’ windows. Is your art an image, vectors, both? If you turn the rotary off, do you get the same results?

Do you have this setting enabled? (Green?)

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