Lightburn Preview time Travel speed option removed?


Just updated to the latest version as i was a few versions back. Noticed the preview times are well off on one machine but ok on the other. I remember on one machine in preview i changed the travel speed option to get the time more acurite. On my design machine i never did that. Went to try today and found that option has gone in preview window. Has it moved or been removed.

the one where i had previously made the change it is working fine. on the other machine its estimates are WAY too slow.



Job run-time estimation can be tuned to your machine by adjusting the values found on the ‘Additional Settings’ tab of the ‘Device Settings’ window.

Thanks i will have a play with those settings

For now, you will need to look this information up on your controller and enter the values on this page by hand. Over time, LightBurn will add the ability to read this information directly from the controller and populate this window for you.

Is there a list that tells us what the controller values are called, relative to what they’re called in the LB dialog? I couldn’t find a handful of them, such as corner accuracy, minimum corner speed, etc. in my Ruida rdc44xg.

Not all of them will have a direct correlate in the Ruida that I know of.

  • Corner accuracy would likely be 0.01mm. If set to zero, the controller would actually have to hard stop to make a corner because of physics. You cut the corner a little so you can keep moving, and the more you cut the corner, the faster you can go through it.

  • Min corner speed is possibly “jumpoff speed” - it’s the lowest speed that the controller will be allowed to drop to when cornering. As noted above, it could be zero, but it’s probably slightly above that.

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