Lightburn prints the last thing sent to the printer

I’ve been using lightburn for over a month and had great success with it. But starting today, it will only print the last project I printed and won’t print any new project I start. It’s likes its holding the project in a some kind of memory loop and won’t print anything new unless I uninstall and re install the software. I don’t really understand why this is happening. I can’t start a new project. I haven’t changed anything or updated anything. Lenovo 64 bit windows 10. Anyone else run into this problem? I was on trial version so I thought I would make the purchase and was hoping this would fix it but it didn’t . I was planning on purchasing it anyway but now I still can’t start anything new.
Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried removing files from the controller? Perhaps storage is filled up.

@berainlb is correct about it ‘filling’ up. The Ruida doesn’t handle low memory very well.

In the Cut/layer is a ‘file’ list, where you can delete files on the controller, after you ‘refresh’ the list…

Just don’t ‘reset’ anything until you understand the problems associated with a reset…


I never understood why people send their files to a Ruida controller instead of launching the file from LightBurn and storing the file on the computer in a suitable subdirectory. What is the benefit (if the laser and computer are connected to lan or usb) to send the file?
If there is no connection option, then I understand that and think it is a nice option to use a usb memory to transport the files, but otherwise …

My machine is in the garage, I can’t comfortably run it from the other end of the house where my computer and workroom are. I send the file and run it from the control panel.

Since the Ethernet port seems much more dependable than the USB, I’m guessing it probably designed for saving the files via the Ethernet and running there.

You have to be there anyway to run it and to deal with the materials, focus and many other things.

I don’t let it run unsupervised, so I need to be there anyway.

In a commercial environment, it would probably be wise to store it on the ‘production’ machine than to have operators access to things lightburn can change… Since production machines seem to do the same operation day in and day out.

People figure a way to do something and that’s what they do… I think it’s a natural biologic trait with smarter animals. Animals and humans both are uncomfortable with change…

Are you storing the RD file, or referring to the .lbrn2 project file?

If you store the RD file, it’s pretty useless, from the standpoint you can’t really change it. With the project files, any bugs that were in 'previous versions of lightburn will be ‘fixed’ when it’s code is generated by a ‘fixed’ version of lightburn.

All of my Lightburn project files are stored in directories relevant to what they are…

I guess it’s what works best for you… Maybe, you should try some variations, it might work better for you… :crazy_face:

Good luck


That is a plausible reason :+1:

Of course in lbrn2 format, everything else will be meaningless (if one wants the opportunity to correct the project at a later time)
I think we work pretty much the same way :wink:

So the file you are saving is not the file that is sent to the Ruida…

There isn’t much reason to save an RD file, unless you are sneaker netting it around.

Never used the U-Disk usb, but if it’s anything like it’s standard usb port, I’ll pass…

I lasted a couple of days with usb, then ‘snapped’ and plugged it into the Ethernet port. Still connected that way via the Lightburn Pi bridge…


not understood,
The file I create in LightBrurn I start from LightBurn and save as lbrn2 on my “laser computer” in the archive that matches the file.
Apart from the original test file, there are no files in the memory of my controller, I do not need to be able to start my project from the laser.
I have “only” the LAN connection active.

My machine was having the same problem, retaining the file I just ran. I just push the esc button on the controller and it clears the file I just ran and lets me run a new program from LB

Thank you for all the replies everyone. I did figure out what was going on. Apparently the photo I was trying to engrave was too close to the edge of my workspace in Lightburn and it wouldn’t engrave it, it would keep going back to previous file it had last engraved. I don’t know if that’s a LIghtburn characteristic or my laser controller issue, but I can adjust for it on my table and continue to engrave.


This strikes me as a very unusual behaviour for a Ruida.

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