Lightburn problems on Intel based MackBook and VM

After problems with my old MacBook Pro 13" (Intel based), where I was running Bootcamp Windows 10 and Lightburn, I had to purchased Mackbook Air M2.
Soon my Intel based MackBook was repaired, But I didn’t install Bootcamp, instead trying Windows on VMWare. Lightburn licence is not accepted on Virtual Machine.
After installing Lightburn on Intel based Mackbook, I have a multiple problems, most likely the installations (*.dmg) supports only ARM based MacBooks.
I am able to run Lightburn on ARM based new Mackbook, but since it is intended for other work, I am not able to use it permanently.
Long story short - Is it possible to run Lightburn on Intel based Mackbook? Is it possible to run Lightburn on VMWare?

LightBurn is built for Intel-based Macs, and only capable of running on ARM based Macs with the support of Rosetta.

What do you see when you try to run LightBurn on your Intel-based Mac? With more information on what is going wrong, and at what stage in the process, we should be able to help you get up and running.

It is also possible to run LightBurn with Bootcamp, but you will need to email us at with your key, so we can lift the VM restriction.

@JTR Thanks for responding. I decided to reinstall Windows 10 using Bootcamp (a Windows partition) on my old Mackbook Pro 13" 2013 model (with Intel processor). It works fine as it used to work before. Consider this case as closed.