LightBurn Product Key

I purchased a product key from LightBurn. I did not get a confirmation email and I also went to the portal to try to log in. I never could get the email to submit to “recover the password” at the first log in. The receipt says “paid”, 60 dollars came out, the order says fulfilled. I have waited 24 hours, and nothing. Can someone help?

Welcome, and yes. I will look into this…(sec) :slight_smile:

Update: It looks like you entered “gmail.comq” as part of your email. We have corrected to remove the “q” and resent the information. Please look again, including your spam/promotions folders, as it can land there at times.

If you still don’t find, please email, include a link to this post for context, and we can provide you a copy of that key there. Do not want to expose any personal information here in public. :slight_smile:

I did get an order confirmed email for my order. I still have not received the product key and have tried to use cryptlex to “reset” my password but it has not wroked and I never got any other emails with the key in it.

I appreciate the help with the email. I have sent a request as suggested for the key. Thank you!

I’ve DMed you your key as well.

Thanks team for all of the great help. My LightBurn is up and running. I appreciate the support with everything. Thanks again!

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I see you have both and Gmail addresses registered with us. This may be why your key was delayed. We continue to get bounced email, without clear reasoning in the bounce message, from the address provided. I have resent the key email and this time included the Gmail address, so look to that mailbox for my response.