LightBurn Question on Numeric Edits Toolbar and Workspace coordinates

I have a problem with my LightBurn software interface.
When I writing the XPos=40 and the YPos=40, the shape jumps to -100 for the X axis and -100 for the Y axis.
When I move the shape to these secific points (X=40 and Y=40) on the screen, I see that the XPos=177 and YPos=133.
Can you please heim me with this?
What should I do in order to callibrate the interface

You should never be seeing negative coordinates in LightBurn. You likely have an offset set. Try resetting to your default configuration.

Run this in Console window:


After done, power cycle and recheck what you were trying to do.


Thanks for your respond.

I’ve tried it already, but now, when I’m writing 40 for each XPos and YPos, the shape goes to 35 on the screen, for each of them.

This is not the laser that is not calibrated.

This is the software interface and the screen.

What should I do now?

Thanks again,


There is no normal calibration required to run a laser.

Are you talking for a touch interface screen? I’m not following this.

What does this mean? How and where are you writing 40? Where does the shape go to 35?

Please take a screenshot and show exactly what you’re talking about.

Hi Berainlb,

Thanks for your respond.

I will explain.

On the LightBurn interface tools, I can write the XPos and the YPos. I’m adding a pic below to show.

Then, the shape that I create using LightBurn or any other software, can be seen on LightBurn board, but on other X and Y positions.


When I write XPos = 150, the Left down corner is on 125.

The YPos = 100, the left down corner of the shape is on 80.

I’ve done the RESET procedure ($RST=*) and yet, the same, nothing changed.

What Should I do next?

This is not a TOUCH screen.

Thanks again for your kind help,


Okay. This is not a calibration issue. I think that misconception is what led this topic astray.

You need to familiarize yourself with how the tools in the various toolbars function. Specifically the Numeric Edits Toolbar in this case.

Please review here:
Numeric Edits - size, position, orientation - LightBurn Software Documentation

Focus on the XPos and YPos portion of the manual. Let us know how you fare.

Hi berainlb,


This really help me to solve this issue.