Lightburn raspberry camera

trying to connect a raspberry 160 degree fish eye camera to lightburn ip capture camera adapter but i’m doing something like that.
can you capture this webcam to work with lightburn?

I’d be interested in this as well, but I don’t think it is possible. So, originally I was going to use the Pi camera just to watch the laser work without having to stand over it. I have 2 monitors, so I would have the Pi camera open in a browser on my second screen. I’m using MotionEye OS for the camera.

Lightburn detects the camera, it works nicely in the preview but when it takes pattern photos it looks strange it looks interesting why this is happening

Because you’ve only taken one sample image. It’s computed the best correction factor for that single image. You just need to keep going. I will say that the captured resolution (960 x 544) is relatively small, but for a K40 sized machine it should work well enough.

I tried but once I take photos and other times instead of a photo I capture a black image or a strange little circle. Tomorrow I will send more photos

@kad could you give me a brief explanation of how you got your Pi/camera setup to work? TIA

calibrations somehow passed but I still don’t want to capture the table image at this stage
I have no idea what might be wrong

during calibration this happens but sometimes they manage to take a good picture

I noticed that I have an old lightburn I updated it and there is an improvement tomorrow I will try to calibrate it should work because it already captures the image

almost succeeded is a slight shift. do I need to calibrate the camera more precisely again?
can I somehow offset this shift?

There are fields in the Camera Control window for fine tuning the end result:


Adjust those as needed, then click the ‘Save’ button to save the values so they’re remembered for later. This shouldn’t be necessary if your calibration and marker tagging is accurate.

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