Lightburn remembers the last name used for that layer/color

For each layer/color, Lightburn remembers the last name used for that layer/color.
I find this annoying. Is there a way to turn this off?

in Edit/Settings Starting in 0.9.15 I believe:

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Where do I check which version I have?
I see nothing under Help

Upper left hand corner of the LightBurn screen: image

I got a dot


Help -> Quick help & notes -> About

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Steve - Your curve tolerance value is really high. That should be about 0.05mm (the default) - it controls the precision of curves sent to the machine.

You’re apparently using Linux, which doesn’t show the version number in the application title. The Help > Quick Help and Notes > About tab that Hank pointed you to will tell you the version number.

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Thanks, I have changed it. Not sure how it got changed, but it’s back where it should be now.

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