Lightburn reset to default parameter with each reboot

I’m trying again and hopeully will get an answer this time.
Every time I start Lightburn on my windows 10 laptop it’s like a new install.
I have to import my machine parameter and my library all over again.
I’ve been using this program for a long time and have this issue since a few months only.
It’s getting very annoying.
Anyone have this issue?

Did you try a clean install? What does the prefs-folder look like? Maybe there’s something corrupted?

Nicolas, First what if anything do you have on your laptop for anti-virus Software? If none or not sure do a search for Vipre Rescue and run that to check your system, you may have corrupt DLL’s or system files. If no errors there, then remove LB and do a clean install. Microsoft update Tuesdays have been known to mess things up at the same time they are doing updates. May be time to do a clean install of the OS on your laptop or consider upgrading to Win 11 if your hardware can handle the requirements of Win 11.

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