Lightburn reversing images/vectors

well I find lots of posts regarding laser reversing images but none of my issue. I design in lightburn on my desktop then save the file to a thumbdrive as a lightburn file. Open on my laptop at my laser in lighburn and half the vectors are reversed. Seems very random

Are both systems set to the same origin?

More information needed. Please provide a full screen picture of each, the correct and the reversed vectors and have the cut settings window visible. Also need to know what hardware you have (controller/firmware), both systems OS and the version(s) of LightBurn used.

screen cap will have to wait. laptop win7, PC win10. latest version of lightburn on each. Ruida controller, have no idea on firmware. I’m not at home. Not that that should make any difference anyway happens before I even turn laser on. can be vectors or image, when taken to laptop it will be reverse, randomly. Sometimes yes, sometimes no

I’ve seen this happen if the two systems don’t have the same origin set. Check that and let me know if that’s it.

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thinking this might be a dufuss moment. never even thought of that. Found out quick that fonts have to match.
When able, I’ll get back to let you know… thanks

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Yes, that’s another possibility. Both machines will need to have the same fonts installed. Which reminds me - I need to add a warning for that.

just an update… the flipping of images was due to different origins DOH!!!

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