Lightburn roller settings setup rollback

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I have installed a aytomstack roller for my atomstack A5 pro + machine and followed a video on how to setup the settings in light burn, but my machine runs 1000 miles per second seems to me something went wrong software related now. How do i rollback to repair or to restores to a previous date.

File → “Load Prefs Backup” will allow you to roll back your LightBurn preferences, assuming a backup was automatically made when changing those settings.

That said, the speed the laser runs at is also effected by your workspace settings in “Edit” → “Settings”. You may want to / need to see if the Units / Grids option in Settings is correct for your laser.


Can you elaborate on this? I don’t see how this setting would affect speed.

Or do you mean to say that the specific value for one units setting would be realized as a different actual speed than the same value in a different units setting?

I had seen this purely as a convenience and visual setting with units being converted automatically as you switch between units.

While LightBurn does automatically convert / render units for laser speed, it’s also fairly common for users to share settings in the format of “X speed, Y power” where X is not listed with a unit. If the guide they’d followed used this format, or the unit wasn’t explicitly stated, it’s entirely possible that some information was lost in translation.

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