Lightburn saw the laser and communicated with it before the update

Hey there, Brand new to laser engravers (old hand with computers) was having a hard time with figuring out how to do the homing aspect of things. saw the Lightburn video on limit switches. So decided to hold of and install those. Once that was done, I went to test in Lightburn saw the pop up for the update. installed it, windows/Lightburn will not see the laser at all. I know I didn’t short the board in the laser controller as I was grounded the entire time I worked with it. Lightburn saw the laser and communicated with it before the update. Laser is Atomstack A5 pro. Any ideas?

Download lasergrbl and communicate that way and see if you can communicate and perform basic functions. Most of us with diodes run this as well if we need a quick way to see if we are having a laser issue or just issue comm with lightburn.

I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner, but I unplugged the switches, and everything works fine. I am assuming that it is seeing homing switches plugged in and not having settings for them is causing it to flip out. I see in Lasergrbl that there is a setting for flashing grbl with switches, but those settings are greyed out for me. moved on to trying a project just so that I can say that I got it to do something after owning it for a few months. it cut the first shape and then stopped. This is a hobby with a steep and unforgiving learning curve.