Lightburn + SCULPFUN S6 Pro

hello all
newbie in laser world
how can i use lightburn + SCULPFUN S6 Pro 40W
i can use the laser machine with the soft advised by SCULPFUN (so i ve instlled a driver for the laser) but impossible to find the laser Via lightburn; what is the solution?
best regards from france

What firmware are you using to drive this laser?

Sculpfun has recently reached out to us, and I believe they have already tested their machine and found it works well with LightBurn. You might need to create a device manually in LightBurn as GRBL - if their connection / startup string is not one we recognize it might not be auto-identified.

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I think you’ve already solved it, but since I’m keeping an eye on the sculpfun s6 Pro, I’d be interested to know

maybe you solved it by first installing LaserGrBl and then using lightburn (again after selecting the right com port)? ---- if so, does the engraver look good to you?

hello thanks for your email. the pb has been solved when i reboot the pc
by the way, how can we see, before burning, where will burn the laser? it’s possible to see the area used by the laser (the laser is moving) but i do not see the laser point in low power when the laser show the area necessary for the burning. is ther a way to add a laser low power point in this function?