Lightburn seems to be ignoring scanning offsets for a particular image

I already have reason to believe there’s something wrong with my scanning offsets (Scanning offsets seem incredibly high - #2 by LightBurn), and now I’ve run into an issue where just this one image (or file, not sure) seems to be completely ignoring my scanning offsets and I’m getting essentially a double image. Is there any way to easily debug why this is happening?

I guess a better, more direct question would be: what actually causes the need for the scanning offset in the first place? Is it the laser power supply? The motion controller itself (rdc6445g in my case)? Maybe if I can find that information I can start tracking down why my numbers are so high and then this particular issue will become moot.

When you tickle the input of the power supply and tell it “go”, there’s a measurable delay before you actually get a useful beam out of the business end of the laser.

That delay is caused by the time it takes the power supply to ramp up the voltage high enough to ionize the tube, and also by some delay within the tube getting all the gas ionized to a useful state.

If the delay is 1ms total, then the distance traveled during that delay is 0.1mm @ 100 mm/s or 0,5mm @ 500 mm/s. Hence the need for the offset correction.

There have been one or more threads here in the past about machines that required outrages amounts of offset correction and I’m sure in at least one case a new PS cured it. You can probably find those threads with some searching.

Which version of LB are you running? There was an issue with the new composited image scanner not getting the scanning offsets, fixed in 0.9.24.

I was running 0.9.21, hadn’t upgraded since mid march because my license expired and I just hadn’t gotten around to it. Submitted the renewal just now, will upgrade and retest once I have that. Thanks for the pointer, hopefully that’s it!

The update fixed my issues. Thanks as always @LightBurn !

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