LightBurn Shortcut Keyboard extension [fun project, work in progress]

Inspired by the “Light Burning Keyboard” (LIGHT BURNING KEYBOARD – RòC Art Lab – Laser Works), which is a companion app that shows LightBurn functions on a tablet or smartphone, I realized a small project that I had on my list for a long time: an Arduino-based keyboard extension to control the most important LightBurn functions directly.

The setup is extremely simple, just connect a keypad to an Arduino with a 32u4 or SAMD chip (others can be used as well, but then you need to get much more into the coding part :slight_smile: ) and you are done. The code is also extremely simple, it just reads out the pressed key and sends a keystroke to the PC. The Arduino identifies itself as HID keyboard, so no drivers etc. required.


//if key 2 is recognized, send CTRL+G (grouping hotkey) shortcut to PC
  if (key == '2') {;'g');

Then I put some stickers on it and made a small box to hold the Arduino.

This is how it looks in action (just a demonstration, it was difficult to film and use it. Usually, you would use one hand on the keypad and one hand on the mouse :slight_smile: :

I will update the project once I received the Arduino Micro, which is much smaller than the prototype I used now, then I also will release a new housing. The current one is too bulky to be used comfortably :slight_smile:

I know, there are programmable keyboards out there, but I had those components in my boxes, so it cost $0 and took only one hour to realize :slight_smile:


This is an intriguing idea.

Tangential question to see if it’s worth pursuing myself…

Can one assign a keyboard shortcut to the various “move” commands and custom macros? I currently have to toggle back and forth between tabs to jog and execute macros (especially my autofocus). That’s a nuisance and this could potentially be a huge improvement to my workflow.

I apologize for being a bit ignorant of the full list of available commands for shortcuts.

You can see all available hotkey-actions in the File->Hotkeys settings window. It appears that the jogging commands are available, this should work. I didn’t find a hotkey setting which contains “macro”, so I guess they don’t have a hotkey function.

I now finished the description and provide all the sources here: (LightBurn) Shortcut Keyboard - Diode Laser Wiki